Note: You will have access to the symposium recordings for a limited time.

Welcome & Announcements ~ Chandana Banerjee, MD, MPA, HMDC, FAAHPM

Opening Remarks ~ Steven T. Rosen, MD

Introduction to City of Hope, End-of-Life History, and Keynote Introduction ~ Vijay Trisal, MD

Keynote Lecture - The Future of Palliative Care: After the Storm ~ Betty Ferrell, PhD, RN

Prognostication ~ Christian T. Sinclair, MD

Advance Care Planning ~ Michael Hochman, MD, MPH

Cultural Aspects at the End of Life ~ Alan Elbaum, MS

Delivering End-of-Life News ~ Stephen J. Forman, MD

The Role of Hospice ~ Yelena Zatulovsky, LCAT, LPMT, MA, MT-BC, CCLS, HPMT

Pediatric End-of-Life Care ~  Glen I. Komatsu, MD

Geriatric End of Life Care ~ Susan Elizabeth Wang, MD, HMDC

The Actively Dying Patient ~ Purvi Patel, MD, MBA

Palliative Sedation, Compassionate Extubation & VSED ~ Sorin Buga, MD, FACP, FAAHPM

Keynote Introduction ~ Steven T. Rosen, MD

Keynote Lecture ~ LATE STYLE: Opening up as Time Closes in ~ Azra Raza, MD

Click here to obtain a complimentary copy of Dr. Raza's book, The First Cell: And the Human Costs of Pursuing Cancer to the Last.

Patient/Family Voices ~ Blanca Rivas LCSW, ACPH-SW, CSW-G  & Victoria Ramirez, LCSW, ACHP-SW

Grief & Bereavement ~ Kimberly Shapiro, MD 

Covid Perspectives Panel ~ Satheesh Gunaga, DO; Elizabeth S. Plemmons, MD & Thomas R. McKeown, MD, FACEP 

Medical Aid in Dying Panel ~ Kim Callinan, MPP, PMP; David R. Grube, MD; Susan Gess, PharmD, APh & Bonnie McKeegan, LCSW 

Spiritual Care & End of Life Practices ~ The Rev. Alice Cabotaje, MDiv, BCC, ACPE; Zhiyun Cai, PhD, BCC-PCHAC & Robert S. Drake, MDiv, MSci 

Home Funerals  ~ Jerrigrace Lyons 

The Death Doula ~ Francesca Arnoldy 

The Green Burial ~ Sarah J. Hernandez, MD 

The Living Wake ~ Stefanie Mooney, MD 

Extraterrestrial Burial ~ Eric D. Mecusker, DO