Contactless Registrant Sign-in:

You must confirm your attendance daily at the symposium.
During the symposium you will be provided with a unique Code to record your attendance. You will need to text in the attendance code to the City of Hope CME text-in number (626-314-7448). Registrant sign-in, will also be facilitated via QR Code. 

To ensure you are ready for Contactless Registrant Sign-in:
1. Please be sure to have with you the cell phone (mobile) you registered in your CME Profile.

  • Confirm Your Registered Mobile Number Here! (you will only have to do this once)

    • If mobile number is correct and you see the word “DONE!” simply close out the page. You are done!

    • If you see “CONFIRM NUMBER”, your mobile number is not yet confirmed. To confirm it


    2. Enter your mobile number (do not include hyphens/dashes), to receive a confirmation code

    3. Enter Confirmation Code (this will be texted to you).

    4. Click “CONFIRM NUMBER” and once you see “DONE!” close out 

2. Save the City of Hope CME text-in number as a contact in your cell phone: 626-314-7448

3. Please ensure your cell phone is fully charged, as charging stations will not be available in the symposium area.