PIPAC is a promising novel therapy to address peritoneal metastases of gastrointestinal and ovarian cancer patients.  As this is a novel therapy in the U.S., the First U.S. PIPAC Training Workshop (October 11-12, 2022) is intended to train and certify practitioners to administer this therapy.

Due to the COVID policies currently in place, the Live Surgery for the entire course participants will not be offered during the in-person workshop at one time.  

An on-site visit for a Live PIPAC Surgery at an Expert Center is required within 1 year of completing the First U.S. PIPAC Training Workshop (by October 12, 2023).

It is the responsibility of the participant to set up and fulfill the on-site visit for a Live PIPAC Surgery by the designated timeframe in order to obtain final certification.

How to Request an On-site Visit for a Live PIPAC Surgery at Northwell Health (New York)

Please contact the CME Department at cme@coh.org to be connected with Northwell Health (New York) to arrange for a live observation.